desire line(s)

Paths that pedestrians take informally - in spite of urban design

Why do we stay "on track" when the route just goes in circles? What ​drives us to stray from sanctioned pathways? How do we harmonize our ​desires?

and where does spontaneity lead us?''


Desire Line(s) was Dance Plant's first work as a collective and was ​premiered in early 2017. Co-choreographed by the full collective, the ​work had a successful season at Auckand's Samoa House and was re-​developed into a series of short films later in 2018.


​​Choreographic Direction & Performance: Bella Wilson, Brittany Kohler, ​Jaz Yahel, Natasha Kohler, Rose Tapsell, Tūī Hofmann

Sound Design: Flo Wilson

Lighting Design: Paul Bennett


Shown at: Samoa House, Auckland 2017