magnificent remains


What remains when we offer surrealism to the ​body? How does one dance with the ​subconscious?


Magnificent Remains is a contemporary dance ​work by Brittany Kohler in collaboration with Dance ​Plant Collective, inspired by the surrealism ​movement. It is a nod to the original Surrealists, ​who, in pursuit of liberation turned to the ​unconscious mind.


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Choreographic Direction: Brittany Kohler

Producer: Zoë Nicholson

Dancers: Amber Liberté, Bella Wilson, Jacob ​Reynolds, Miriam Eskilden, Natasha Kohler, Neža ​Jamnikar, Raven Afoa-Purcell, Tūī Hofmann

Choreographic Mentor: Rose Philpott

Sound Designer: james risbey

Costume Designer: Zoë McNicholas

Lighting Designer: Paul Bennett

Photography: Jinki Cambronero


Shown at: LOT23, Auckland 2021 (Premiere ​Season)


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