site specific works

Dance Plant Collective perform improvised and choreographed short performances at gigs and events specializing in site specific work. ​These performances are a great way of activating spaces and engaging communities with experimental dance.

Contact us if you would like to collaborate with us on future events.

''We would LOVE to have you involved, you brought such a good vibe last year''


"We had such great feedback and loved the performance so much that now we think we need another performative work for our [next ​event]''


''I've loved working with you guys and really loved what you put together for this event, hopefully more projects in the future"


Previous Events:


- Karangahape Road's First Thursday Events

- 'No Manifesto' at Auckland Art Gallery (a collaboration with Zahra Killeen-Chance)

-'Orbital' by Comet Space Project

--Monster Valley's 'The Experiment'

-Roaming improvisations for NZDW

-'Boycrush' opening performance

-Splore Festival

-Shipwrecked Festival

-EarthBeat Festival