STRUCTURE exists as a metaphorical magnifying glass. The show highlights ​the ways in which external structures control our lives in the era of late-​stage Capitalism. What causes us to follow the norm and what happens ​when we deviate from this? STRUCTURE encourages the audience to gaze ​inwards, examining the harsh rigidity of impersonal structures and the ​gentleness of interpersonal connections.

Exploring themes of social interconnectivity, mental health, the loneliness ​epidemic, grief, loss, hope and joy, this show will transport you through a ​meditative, melancholic yet hopeful reflection on what it means to exist in ​2023.


Choreographic Direction: Bella Wilson

Producer: Madison Cronin

Lead Dancers: Brittany Kohler, Gus Syben, Kit Reilly & Natasha Kohler

Ensemble Dancers: Abi Jones, Alexandra Lamm, Carla Harré, Deborah ​Fletcher, Erin Meek, Holly Finch, Jess Crompton & Joanna Cook

Understudies: Lara Chuo, Tess Doorman-Smith, Peni Fakaua & Woody ​Sabanhdt.


Composer: Flo Wilson

Choreographic Mentor: Lucy Marinkovich

Costume Designer: Lisa EcEwan

Lighting Designer: Paul Bennett

Av Designer: Yin-Chi Lee

Photography: Jinki Cambronero


Shown at: Raye Freedman Arts Centre, Auckland 2023


Contribution to & support of previous STRUCTURE development periods:

Lucy Guerin Inc. (Melbourne), Wellesley Studios, Creative New Zealand, ​Unitec Dance, The University of Auckland - Dance Studies department, ​Dance24Seven, Zoë Nicholson, Tūī Hofmann, Jaz Yahel, Alexa Wilson, Cat ​Ruka, Sarah Foster-Sproull, James O’Hara, Katrina Todd, Adam Naughton, ​Sharvon Mortimer, Oli Mathiesen, Katrina Bastian, Raven Afoa-Purcell, ​Kimberley Halberg, Elani Austin-Tennant, Issie Cassidy, Ruchi Ahuja, Celia ​Hext, Cade Hansen, Katie Shaw, Cecilia Wilcox, Nahyeon Lee & Janaína ​Moraes.


DANZ Review: Jenny Stevenson

Theatreview Review: Nicole Wilkie

Theatreview Review: Felicity Molloy