the cost of arms and legs


A ritual, in three slices, giving trust to natural discoveries and curiosity. They ​present these slices between mind and magic, giving light to darkness and ​answers to no questions. They are each their own and own their slices. As we ​are, in similarity and unknown, finding space within boundaries and boundaries ​within space.

A wordplay, a movement play, and a look at the fallings into place within their ​art form. Dance Plant Collective present a look at our thoughts, our ​relationships, and the unknown.

Choreographic Direction: Bella Wilson ('Cha(order)s'), Brittany Kohler & Natasha ​Kohler (Rituals of Similarity)

Producer: Zoë Nicholson

Performers: Bella Wilson, Brittany Kohler, Jaz Yahel, Natasha Kohler

Sound Designer: james risbey

Lighting Design: Paul Bennett

Photography: Peter Jennings

Shown at: Studio One — Toi Tū - Auckland Fringe Festival 2018, Short & Sweet ​Dance Festival 2018 (Rituals of Similarity)

Awards: 'Best Newcomers Award - Company' - Auckland Fringe Awards 2018, ​DANZ Choreographic Mentorship Award 2018 (Rituals of Similarity).


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